Need info on circle of neighbors college funding reps?

Answer This is another one of those organizations that claims to help students find sources of financial aid that the student could have found on their own, for free. The value of the service depends on w... Read More »

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Are there grants for online college courses If so, where do you go to get the info on the funding?

Talk to your college and see if they accept financial aid. I attended the University of Phoenix online and financial aid paid for everything. Also make sure you get your school financial aid code ... Read More »

Whats the difference if you do 1 set of 50 reps in lets say bicep curls or 5 sets of 10 reps?

Your muscles are made up of roughly 50% fast twitch and 50% slow twitch muscle fibers. You build your slow twitch when you do high reps(like 50 reps!) and you hit your fast twitch when you do low ... Read More »

Funding uni and college for nurses ?

Training to be a nurse is free hun, the NHS fund it! You should be entitled to a means-tested bursary if you are planning on doing a degree.Good luck by the way, Personally I would get some work ex... Read More »

Funding for Summer College Classes?

Summer college classes can help you graduate more quickly. Class sizes are often smaller, and the pace at which you go through your classes may be quicker, depending on the length of your summer te... Read More »