Need home remedy PLEASE.?

Answer drink lots of cranberry juice. it's good for the urinary tract and bladder. also, see a doctor if it doesnt go away or if you bleed when you urinate. don't drinkl or eat anything with too much sodi... Read More »

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Serious question. Quick home remedy for constipation please?

When I was studying in Colombia to become a Medical Missionary Naturopathic Physician, one incredible remedy that the president of the school had us take for constipation was....Take a 18 oz glass ... Read More »

Does anybody have a home remedy for ear ache,please?

If you are taking antibiotics you need to finish your course.... I am definitely not a fan of antibiotics. I am very alternative medicine... this has worked for me every time. At the natural health... Read More »

I need a natural home remedy for toe-nail fungus?

First up ....... i'm sorry this is going to be so very long .... but yeah.... you need to know all this information....... The classic telltale signs of a yeast overgrowth ....... candidiasis ........ Read More »

Need a Chap stick alternative (home remedy)?

do you have any vasaline? that works well. If u have it, wet your lips slightly then apply a good coat. Also, do you buy nivea cream? I do, and it comes in small tins. I use that as chapstick, alon... Read More »