Need help women please read?

Answer I think that your fiance should measure herself and make sure of her bra size. What is a medium D I have never heard this term before. Wearing the right size for her could make a large difference i... Read More »

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Need to shadow someone for a day in Boulder Colorado and I really need help. PLEASE READ!?

You need to use common sense. Auto mechanic is a little dangerous. They do not want people in the work area, because of insurance regulations. Any job like that, where there is equipment involve... Read More »

My mom thinks i need help what do you think PLEASE read?

You don't say how old you are, but if you're under 18, you really should be eating something that's a healthy amount of calories each day. Your mom probably isn't actually as mad as she is concern... Read More »

I REALLY need some help..please read for details?

Just wanted to let you know that I read your essay and voted for it. It was a well written essay that nicely stated your feelings on going to college. Good luck with your results and hopefully yo... Read More »

School starts soon and i need help! please read!!!?

...Your not serious, are you? Your beautiful! I'd do anything to be NEARLY as thin as that. But if you are really convinced, just jog every now and then. Though you really don't have to. Your beaut... Read More »