Need help with mobile wikipedia?

Answer just use this URL:

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Is there any way to disable mobile wikipedia in mobile safari?

I've only noticed the redirect as of today, when I was automatically logged-out on the iPod after 30 days (since logging in only lasts that long).In any event, I hit the link at the bottom to view ... Read More »

Anyone know the url for the mobile version of wikipedia ?

Wikipedia's official wap site is at ( is an independent project which uses a local database. Read More »

Why wont the wikipedia mobile site load on my psp?

The answer is very simple. All you have to do is go into the address bar, and where it says "www" at the beginning should be replaced with "m". This will take you to the mobile version of Wikipedia... Read More »

Wikipedia mobile view won't stay permanent?

There are two possible problems likely causing this:1) At some point, you clicked 'Desktop view' from the mobile view of the website, which sets a cookie that prevents you from being automatically ... Read More »