Need help with mobile wikipedia?

Answer just use this URL:

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I need help with wikipedia!?

so you cant get to wikpedia? congrats! you've done what many people should do already.

I need help with wikipedia?

If you uploaded the picture yourself, you have a registered user account. While logged-in to that account, go to the image page, and add the following text at the top of the edit page:{{db-g7}}This... Read More »

Uhh need help with the new update on Facebook mobile!?

Tap on your comment and hold it untill the delete and cancel button pops up

Need a mobile with keypad. Hate touch screens. Pls Help?

Talk to your current carrier about what phone opitions they have that don't have touchscreens that. Most cellphones now have touch screens. If you are not able to find one that you like without a... Read More »