Need help with making cucumber sandwiches?

Answer Traditional English Cucumber Sandwich:2 slices of buttered white breadthin slices of raw (not pickled) cucumberput the sandwich together, cut of crust and cut into four triangles, serve with Earl G... Read More »

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How to Make Cucumber Sandwiches?

Here is how I make Cucumber Sandwiches! You will need the following: 1 cucumber, Mayo, two slices of wheat bread, salt, and white sharp cheddar cheese!

Cheese and tomato or cheese and cucumber sandwiches?

Cheese and tomatoI have always loved tomatos

Anyone up for rating Sandwiches From a rating of 0-10 how would you rate the Sandwiches from this list?

1.32.9 can't go wrong with the classic pbj3. 45.106. 17. 78. not sure if I've had pastrami? if I have I don't remember. lol9. 210.9

When making Applebee's red berry Sangria, how much juice do i use when making it w/ a large bottle(1.5L)Cab?

The change in wine makes it a different drink but close enough. Use 1.5L of the juice.