Need help with ideas...?

Answer entry:nice table with a simple flower arrangement on it, basket of diplomas and maybe a class pictureprograms can be done on the computer (maybe by a teacher or parent volunteer. i think i still h... Read More »

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Please Help! I need help coming up with ideas for preschool activites...?

As a large group activity, I once asked all my students to bring in something from home (with the help of their parents) that made their home special to them. Kids brought pictures, blankets, toys... Read More »

I need help with prom ideas?

Sounds like you're in somewhat of a bind. The ROTC kids are probably real different than the theater kids. If you're going to spend prom with your boyfriend, someone's going to have to compromise... Read More »

I need help with Tattoo ideas?

Ignore that weird lady...Your idea really sounds beautiful. You might be interested to check out the meanings of flowers (I know that flowers might be too common, but one here and there will accent... Read More »

Preschool Teachers (I need help with ideas)?

Do:-winter or any season-baby animals-colours-nursery rhymes-growing (people and plants)-finger plays