Need help with hair dying?

Answer Dye the bottom part first and wait about half of the time on the instructions, example 30 minutes total wait 15 minutes then color the top of the hair. That way the bottom will be the same color as... Read More »

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Dying my hair. Need help.?

If you are allowed to then go for it. My hair is currently red on top, natural brown on bottom with the tips bleached lemony blonde and pink. It looks weird and not everyone likes it but I was allo... Read More »

Dip Dying Hair Need help convincing parents!?

Tell your parents that once your over it or watevr u can cut off the colored part but to get boys to notice you bring out your personality be more social etc.

Dying my hair Help please?

You should let the dyed hair fade as long as you can then bleach the rest of the hair an even blonde and then dye it red.Remember to just use conditioner and baby shampoo after you bleach cause it ... Read More »


I dyed all my hair bright red. BRIGHT red with HiColor Highlights in red by Loreal with 40 developer. No pre-bleaching necessary. Please look into that first. So much less damaging to your hair. Al... Read More »