Need help with gym work out routine?

Answer www.bodybuilding.comthat website is a wonder from God!!! There's tabs at the top saying "find a plan" then you follow the steps saying whether you're male/female, your goal with working out (fat lo... Read More »

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Will this gym routine work?

1) if you're going for Hypertrophy (google it) go for 8-12 reps for 3 sets (this is however taxing on your nerves and muscles and won't get you that much stronger)2) if you're more about strength t... Read More »

Basketball Strength Training Work Out Routine?

For any basketball player, strength and speed are necessary. If you are quick, you can get down the court before opponents do. With explosive power, you will make shots and jump higher. Strength tr... Read More »

Hmm okay I am 5'6 150 lbs. and want to lose weight. give me a strict work-out routine.?

Step 1= RunEveryday, run 2 miles. If you have a track at your school, that translates to 8 laps.Step 2= CoreDo 100 crunches/ sit-ups everydayStep 3= ArmsEveryday, you should do 50 push upsStep 4= E... Read More »

What is your beauty routine/beauty secrets/makeup routine?

1.) eyeshadow primer2.) eyshadow3.) top eyeliner4.) bottom eyeliner (I only do it halfway, learned that from Sephora's)5.) Curl eyelashes6.) blush (Almay Smart shade blush is sooo good!)7.) lipglos... Read More »