Need help with fitness workouts!!?

Answer The best exercise is participation in the sport because it not only develops the muscle, it also develops the skills. So, train as much as practicable on your bike on a motoX course. Compete often.... Read More »

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Boot-Camp Fitness Workouts?

According to the American Council on Exercise, boot-camp-style workouts were the most popular fitness trend in both 2008 and 2009. Consumers looking to get more bang for their buck in a down econom... Read More »

How to Check Whether Morning Workouts Will Improve Your Fitness?

Any form of exercise at any time of day is always advantageous. However, if you enjoy doing your workout and exercise routines early in the morning before you get to work, or start off a day’s re... Read More »

Who is authorized to establish physical fitness standards that exceed Army Physical Fitness Test?

Do ab workouts aid in fat loss?

Ab workouts tone/tighten your ab muscles...while having more muscle does help you burn more calories (even at rest) if your desire is to burn fat then you need to focus on eating right (look up 'cl... Read More »