Need help with downloading with Google Chrome?

Answer Computers R on Yahoo Answers will be able to assist you with this issue.The Simple answer: go to "Tools" which is a image of a Wrench on top right hand side (press it). Go to Options. Ch... Read More »

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Help with Google Chrome?

For your first question, go here chrome://chrome/settings/search#page%20z… and change the "Page zoom" from 100% to 150%. Or you could simply change the font size there either.I don't know what yo... Read More »

Help with google chrome translator?

It means that their translator has got a problem connecting with the internet!

Help with bing and google chrome?

They switched to a more aggressive approach because nobody uses Bing, and they're losing money on it. "Setting or changing the default search engine in Chrome:Before I proceed further, let me expla... Read More »

New Facebook won't load with google chrome with Sony google tv. Anyone having this problem & how do you fix it?

All u have to do is zoom out n the screen will pop back up to the new facebook hold the right top zoom button then slide analog mouse down n thats it u back business....