Need help with camera settings?

Answer Your exposure was way off on this picture. A scene 10 minutes after sunset using ISO 200 at f8 would require a 1/30 sec. shutter speed.*This site will fully explain the exposure triangle which is c... Read More »

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Need Help with the Settings of my Olympus E-410 Camera!?

Here is an indepth review of the camera. But I also suggest you spend some serious time with the manual. It is not there just for packing. There are still things in this life that require time and ... Read More »

HELP! how do you use ISO settings on a digital camera, like, when do you use what settings?

ISO is simply a measurement of the sensitivity to light of a light sensitive surface, either film or digital sensor. It is 1/3 of the Exposure Triangle, the other 2/3 being Aperture (aka f-stop) an... Read More »

Can you help with Advent MP82 camera please How do you reset settings?

EXTRA INFORMATION FROM ASKER:While changing the settings on my camera I managed to change the battery setting from Alkaline to NiMH. I am not using NiMH so now when I switch the camera on it says "... Read More »

Need Help With Prosumer Camcorder Settings. Quick!?

Good question. In my opinion, if the wedding is indoors, you will not need the neural density filter anyway. If you do have to use it, don't worry, it is very good on the GL2Regarding your question... Read More »