Need help with batch code?

Answer 100*%random%/32768+1means 100 TIMES a random number DIVIDED BY 32768 PLUS 1so yehh thts confusing so yeh cant really help lol but thts what it means. im no good at math :/

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Need color changing help with a CSS/HTML code, please help?

OldGyms/LeagueName/LeaderTeam TypeStatusNewGyms/LeagueName/LeaderTeam TypeStatus

Help with my dvd region code please boring but i need some help!!?

Check out this web site: - the left hand side under lists, choose DVD hacks and see if your TV/DVD is in the list.The hack is generally just pressing a sequence of butto... Read More »

I need help making a large batch of white rice!!?

Figure 1 cup of raw rice makes 3 cups of cooked, if every person eats 1 cup of cooked rice, you need 20 cups of raw rice, 2 cups is around 1 lb, I would cooked 10 lbs of rice, if you do not have a ... Read More »

Need help with Hamming code.?

See the link below.That has both an explanation and a table of the sixteen valid bit patterns for four bit data encoded to 7 bits.1 - The Demonstration part is the fact that to go from any one vali... Read More »