Need help with Skype 10 points?

Answer * He can not view your profile unless you unblock him.* He can read the old conversion history (Old Messages) between both of you if he/she has Skype conversation history activated.

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I need help with my ipod...10 points!!?

Sorry, I had the same problem when I got mine I thought the same thing, but you have to get a FM/AM tuner it is about 50.00 at it usually hooks up to the bottom of your ipod. SORRY!

Need help with windows movie maker, 10 points for good answer?

Um I think I know what your talking about.Go to 'save movie file' press OK on everything and make sure the botton that says 'good qulity' is on that and than save and it'll take a while but you hav... Read More »

TEN POINTS!!! I WILL CHOOSE A BEST ANSWER!! I need help with my camara.... please click!!! :)?

2 years isn't that old!..but it may be time to retire the guess is that the zoom and or focus mechanisms have become stuckor jammed and are making the camera shake as they attempt to fu... Read More »

I need help really bad!!! 10 points for help!?

From what you have described it seems you have three possible problems:1- Corrupted Bios2-Fried Motherboard3-dead HDDEither way you will need to go back to Gateway or your retailer for repair, sinc... Read More »