Need help with Korean keyboard?

Answer Eunyoung Kim?im not quite sure what youre asking..."What do I need to press to get this 김은영?" already got it.....and whos the girl~~~~~;Dif youre asking how to spell it(like where the ... Read More »

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Need help with LUA scripting, Using Logitech key profiler with G110 keyboard?

This site should help:…

I need help with my keyboard! it just stopped working?

plug the usb thing out of the computer then put it back it

I need help with typing without looking at the keyboard?

Use ADOBE Typing Master software its the best available in market

Can someone help me with my korean ~으로부터?

-으로부터 is a formal postpositional particle which can be paralleled to the English preposition, "from."It is used to show a starting point, or origin.For example:"영화 ê°€ 오늘밤으로ë¶... Read More »