Need help with Ebay, ive made a very big mistake?

Answer y'don'tyou have agreed a sale, honour it

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Just been on eBay for first time and made stupid mistake...?

Ebay is very deceptive sometimes, what looks like a bargain is often not when you see the PandP price. I don't think you should feel foolish, some sellers give really pathetic descriptions so even ... Read More »

I have made a serious mistake on q and a?

I made a mistake and i need some help please =[?

I understand your concern and theirs. Usually cutting is a form of relief for some people but in your case it was only once so explain that much to them. Tell them you were angry and cut your thigh... Read More »

What to do if a mistake is made on a tax return?

If you become aware of an error on your tax return, rectify the situation by filing an amended return. The sooner you file this amended return the better, as you can avoid penalties and fees if the... Read More »