Need help to implement functions in python 2.7.3?

Answer Python if-else statements read a lot like plain english, or like mathematical notation, which you already have. We'll go through it step by step.First of all, Python functions are written like this... Read More »

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Need help writing functions in python 2.7 (please help)?

This site should help:…

I need help with a python program i have to make?

I'll write out the algorithm in pseudo-code and you can convert it to code. That way, you're still creating the answer and not cheating. Tip: let us know what part you're having trouble with. If yo... Read More »

How to Use the Join & Split Functions in Python Programming?

Python is a high-level programming and scripting language that is rapidly gaining popularity over lower-level languages such as C and C++ because of its portability, more forgiving syntax, object-o... Read More »

Python 3 program help?

Equation:Surface area = 4*pi*r^2Volume = (4*pi*r^3)/3Code:Def F(n):#function returns the square and cube of n in a tuple >>> square = n*n>>> cube = square * n>>> return (square,cube)Def X(r):#calcu... Read More »