Need help to find penetrative objects.?

Answer Just find another guy and some Kentucky Jelly

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I need help paying for college and everyone tells me how easy it is to find scholarships but I can't find any.?

The best sites for scholarship searches, check with your academic department and financial aid office to see if they are aware o... Read More »

I need to find a link so i can get rid of viruses can you help me find were?

This is my favorite.. It's excellent and free.

Dear Lord help me!Needles and pointy objects.....No.Help?

No, there's nothing you can really do at home. But, you can ask your dentist to prescribe you a dose of valium so you simply won't care! If you take it about 30 minutes before you sit in the dent... Read More »

How to Find Lost Objects?

Late for work again because you couldn't find your work badge? Or are you packing to go on vacation but don't know where your passports are? Your situation doesn't have to be either of those two, b... Read More »