Need help picking out brands of make up?

Answer First of all the difference between a foundation and concealer is that the concealer covers up your imperfections which is the under eyes, nose area and the corners of your mouth on the other had f... Read More »

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There are so many small-name brands of video cards; which brands make good cards and which should be avoided?

There are plenty of good brands and plenty of bad brands. For Nvidia cards good brands include but are not limited to:BFG Tech, eVGA, Leadtek, Gigabyte, MSI, XFXI don't have as much experience with... Read More »

Do you agree that picking on someones apperence is picking on gods work?

i do agree!!! no one should pick on anybody cuz they are picking on God's creation! i really never thought about it that way! thanks for asking this question. and no matter who disagrees with you, ... Read More »

Do you notice any difference with salon brands vs. store brands of hair products?

Pantene ROCKS. I love it. I have used goldwell, joico and a few other salon brands and I think out of them all pantene is the best for my hair, but hairdressers say it is bad and wrecks your hair f... Read More »

How to Make 200K in Runescape by Picking Flax?

We've all wanted more money in Runescape. Here's a quick and easy-to-follow guide for making quick money by picking flax.