Need help on computers?

Answer YesWhy not run a good anti virus program yourself though? Most decent AV programs,including their free versions, will detect any kind of virus or malware. I use Avast antivirus free version. It is ... Read More »

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Terminology help in resume (need help specifically from people who've worked with computers/help desk)?

System Administrator & Troubleshooter.I'm sure everybody understands that ;)

Need help installing a HP Photosmart All-in-One. Please help and and I'm very new with computers. Thanks.?

uninstall first! all of the software which was installed when you tried previously then delete the printer. Go to and download the latest and greatest drivers for your printer, try running t... Read More »

I need help in connecting two computers to internet?

You could do that but it's unlikely to be satisfactory. Get a router. Seriously.

Ok people I need your help with computers !!!!?

No offense, but you cannot simply setup some program like Alex said and get to your home PC from work, unless you are paying for a static IP. Programs like Hamachi are nothing more than a freeware ... Read More »