Need help medical, Cut and remove glass from hand.?

Answer Holy crap, I'm so sorry to hear this, hospitals should be free like the uk. Don't you have insurance, I strongly don't recommend operating on yourself.

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When i touch my hand to the radio antina the voice becomes clear n when i remove my hand its a bit unclear ..?

That's normal. Your body is acting as an antenna making the signal stronger.

How to Remove a Glass Stuck Inside Another Glass (Vaseline Method)?

Sometimes, especially if glasses have been stacked for too long, it can be near impossible to get them unstuck. If you've found two glasses refusing to budge, follow these steps.

What is the origin of hand cut crystal glass?

The use of crystal originated in Italy. In the 1500s Italian glassmakers learned how to make glass entirely clear and colorless. This is where the name "Cristallo" in Italian, or "crystal," origina... Read More »

I accidentally cut my hand with broken glass but..?

Anxiety, and you don't handle blood well.