Need help medical, Cut and remove glass from hand.?

Answer Holy crap, I'm so sorry to hear this, hospitals should be free like the uk. Don't you have insurance, I strongly don't recommend operating on yourself.

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My hand is burn by Steam and need help from Expert?

You did all the correct things yes, I would also agree that it is a 2nd degree burn. I wouldn't have advised popping the blister however everything else you did was exactly right! Well done you hav... Read More »

Plz help,Hand injury, glass laceration. venous clot?

Hi moody,glass lacerations tend to be a real bother because they are very easy to cause. They can be long, deep, take a while to heal and due to glass having a fragmentary nature, it can become emb... Read More »

How do you stop bleeding from a lot of deep glass cuts and punctures on your hand and arm ?

Get something like a belt or a cable tie, put it on and tighten it about 2 cm away from the cut nearest the top of your arm, make sure it is VERY tight. This will stop the risk of mass blood loss a... Read More »

I need some medical help anyone T^T~?

It is rare in women so young. But it's still good of you to check and notice that there was something different. It depends on the size and texture of the lump. I forget the details, but Cosmo m... Read More »