Need help in windows xp........please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer just scan your PC with updated anti viruslike avira or kaspersky..then restart your PC..that`s

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Need help with windows 7 and windows one care.?

Rosego to www.Microsoft.comthen go to support for Windows 7 and see if this helpsthey also have a free program that will find the errors and fix them for youalso go to the website of your computer ... Read More »

Need help in installation of windows xp?

you are supposed to leave the cd in for the reboot. some people make the mistake of taking the media out. 3rd reboot or so you take it out, after it has fully booted and is going through the conf... Read More »

Windows 8 problem. Need imediate help?

Just because you don't know how to use something doesn't make it bad. No one was born knowing how to use Windows and we all had to learn it over time. Each new version adds something new to learn s... Read More »

Need help with windows xp installation?

Since your USB bootable could not able to proceed the installation, you can try another option at BIOS setting in Flash-drive CR-ROM.moreover, there are other software's to boot windows installatio... Read More »