Need help getting the truth out about the cures of natural foods?

Answer Giving out advice implies that you hold a professional qualification, and your intended audience would have that expectation. You could either study for a qualification as a dietician, or set up a... Read More »

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Genetically modified foods government secret trying to hide truth or false?

It isn't up to the Government but the industry, so it is falseDune

Natural Cures for Edema?

>> Natural Cures for Edema?        As mentioned, it is important to first look for the cause of the edema -- and not just start treating yourself for the symptom. Let us not be guilty of w... Read More »

Are there any natural cures for epilepsy?

Give him these two Homeopathic remedies 3 times on the first day and after just once daily, ARNICA MONTANA and NATRIUM SULF both in 200 or 1M potency. Let me know about his progress after three day... Read More »

Any natural cures for a bad headache?