Need help finding a good camcorder help please?

Answer Canon ZR930 - $350. Stay away from consumer level HD cameras as they take terrible video when things are in front of the camera moving, which is the very thing you are going to be video-graphing.... Read More »

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Need help finding a good digital camcorder?

JVC and why are you so poor to get a gud one u need 2 at least spend $3,000

I would like to buy a camcorder with certain do I go about finding one with everything I want?

Here's a helpful buying guide:…when you've decided on the features that you want in a camcorder, here's a good website for camcorder reviews: Read More »

I'm a beginner film maker which is the best camcorder for taking in count price/good camcorder?

Always glad to help a fellow filmmaker.The best camcorder to start out with would be soemthing in the Panasonic PV-GS series. They have 3CCD, manual focus ring, and a microphone input. Plus, the qu... Read More »

Looking for a camcorder to use on a trip to Disney.needs to be small, good battery life, good inside and out?

Flip is a good video camcorder to get i love mine its small and doesnt have to have a disk in it just 2 aa batteries and it can store up to 2 hours of video and has the USB cord built in, it flips ... Read More »