Need help about smart address bar?

Answer hmmm, well, i don't how to fix the problem, try to ask at their site, visit the site.

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Switching to "smart phone". What questions do I need to ask about charges?

Cost for voice plan and how many minutes.Cost for data plan and how many gigabytes per month. (I have 2 GB and never use it all).Cost if you go over your data.Taxes, local fees, total cost.

Help! I'm terrified about hosting a party, I need help/advice?

The best way to host a party is to have a well organized plan, with plenty of food, and drinks!these pirates, are sure to be hungry-- I would suggest getting your music ready, and play the music wh... Read More »

I need some help from those who know a lot about speakers and can give a detailed answer about the risks?

Why do so many yabbos think that mixing car and home audio gear is a good idea ? It's SO not. Car gear usually has very different impedances, and that difference can kill the amp in home gear. Car ... Read More »

Lol Need Help About Hair?

Lemon juice does make your hair lighter. I don't know how to make highlights last longer though.