Need help! Exam tomorrow and i think im dying or i have some horrible disease!?

Answer Could this be anxiety? Make up a song with the information you need to remember. that's how I always memorized.

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Party tomorrow, I need to get some beer, which do you think I should get?

i buy pabst blue ribbon, its cheep and beter than bud in my opinion, only cheep beer i can stand to drink

I think that I have bipolar disorder and I need some help and advice I am not sure what I should do?

Bipolar disorder which is what it is now called (used to be called manic depression) is a mood disorder which effects a persons mood and is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. In bipolar di... Read More »

Could I be experiencing the early stages of some horrible degenerative neurological disease?

I know that you are under a lot of stress, my darling, and that you don't take very good care of yourself, partially as a result of that stress, so it seems to me that it's the most likely reason f... Read More »

Hey I have a zit and I have a big date tomorrow at 1:00 and I seriously need help. FAST!!?

who cares its just a zit...don't think u can get rid of it without scaring