Need help! Computer memory..?

Answer Get second HD, then move My Documents to the new drive.

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I need help with computer memory..............?

Hi Mr.Nope..Ram just indicates what you have to run the program and store in memory. The hard drive is what you need to look at.Right - click Drive C and it will tell you the amount of free space l... Read More »

I Need More Memory For My Computer?

You can get an external HDD with USB/SATA/1394 connections of 500GB for like 100-120USDor 1TB (1024GB) for like 150-180 USD

How much computer memory do I need?

A basic computer user needs between 64MB and 128MB of memory for emailing, word processing and surfing the web. For multiple applications, games, videos or graphics, 256MB to 1GB of memory is recom... Read More »

How much memory do I need on my computer?

The recommended amount of memory for a Windows XP computer is 1 GB and the recommended amount for a Windows Vista system is at least 2 GB. Windows Vista functions better with more memory.Source:Tec... Read More »