Need help! 18th birthday party themes!?

Answer Princess themeCinderlla themeHollowood themes Red white or sliver or Pink and black

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18th birthday party themes?

if you just want them screaming, any theme will do, just come out in the middle of the party with a chainsaw. that will get them screaming

What to do for my 18th birthday party !!?

18th birthday party ideas?

Get a bunch of booze, buy a bunch of porn, and have a big old fashioned orgy. It'll bond you and your friends for life.Jesus loves you! :D

Blowout 18th birthday party?

Send out invitations through mail, phone calls, emails, fb messages that people have to wear classy. Just for the heads up. It's not just you.. People now days go over board. To make it fun.. do a ... Read More »