Need gamer's opinion - looking for an awesome video card.?

Answer IF you want the best, get the Nvidia 8800Ultra (756mb DDR3). This is currently the best card money can buy! At $800.00, this card alone is the same price as my current computer. If you’re running... Read More »

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In need of some awesome video game music?

"Honor" - Atreyu"Satellite" - Rise Against"City" - Hollywood Undead"Wish" - Nine Inch Nails"Indestructible" - Disturbed"All I Want" - A Day to Remember"I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made of?... Read More »

I need you opinion about this Video...?

Well it's just a music video. I'm pretty sure she doesn't walk around like that all the time.She's probably really nice in person

Looking to upgrade my Video Card.....?

I would go for the 7850 though, since it is a much newer card and performs much better that tne 6950 in most modern games. It is using a completely different architecture as well, which means it wi... Read More »

Want to Build and Compare Two Gamers, Need Recommendations?

I'll try to help the best I can. Some of the questions you asked/parts you listed seemed irrelevant to comparing systems, but I'll be as complete as possible.Sadly, Sandy Bridge motherboards have ... Read More »