Need funny random things to write on my friends facebook wall?

Answer glad to hear the penicillin worked. Better luck next time

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I need FUNNY and RANDOM facebook groups?

It's Not My Fault What You Said Can Be Misconstrued as A Sexual Innuendo, Facebook Has Made My Stalking 97% More Efficient, Anatidaephobia — the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching y... Read More »

What does mutual friends mean on facebook and do you choose the friends to be in this or is it random?

Mutual friends are friends in common. You can't really pick. You have bob as your friend, and so does another person, and you and that other person have a mutual friend.

Is it possible to remove all wall posts on a friends wall at once from facebook?

no, but the activity log makes it a little easier

How to Write a Book on Random Things?

When writing you should pick different subject for each chapter. A story only has to do with your imagination. Don't be afraid to write what you're thinking about. It's your story do what you want.