Need fever advice for 8 year old?

Answer YES call his pediatrician! If a young child's fever reaches 101 or above, it's time for a doc to take over. You're off to a good start, but it may be something serious causing the fever. Call the a... Read More »

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What to do for fever of 103 for 12 year old boy?

How serious is a 103.2 fever in a five year old?

It is very serious. You need to get him/her to the doctor. If your regular doctor is unavailable you should consider the ER in you local hospital. A child with that high a fever could possibly go i... Read More »

How serious is a 103.6 fever in a three year old?

It is not the degree of temperature alone which is important though any fever above 102 should be taken seriously. The general condition of the child, associated symptoms and other clinical finding... Read More »

104 fever in 2 year old. Help!?

I would take his temp again and if it's still hasn't come down I'd go back to the ER. Temps that high can cause brain damage in a hurry, they souldn't even have let you leave if it was that high!!!