Need computer genious...please helpppppppppppp!?

Answer Okay. You have a huge virus. I suggest re-formatting. If you don't want to re-format, then you should get rid of all of those stupid virus protectors. They do no good, just make the computer slower... Read More »

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Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

Is viruse can connect from my laptop to my computer with wifi .becase i have loocked my computer FBI security?…Hopefully that'll help you.

Can you connect your canon rebel xti to your computer while taking pictures and have them show on the computer screen?

Diocletian was a Roman emperor who persecuted Christians and not a saint.

Can I pick up a Wifi signal with one computer, and send internet to another computer with an Ethernet cable?

Yes, just open Network Connections after connecting to the wireless connection. Highlight both the wireless connection and the Ethernet connection you want to "Bridge". Right-click and choose "br... Read More »