Need clarification. Why do some people consider seafood (like fish) not meat?

Answer LIke a lot of things, it had its basis in religion. In Judaism and Catholicism (which grew out of Judaism) there seems to be a distinction made between the flesh of land animals (mammals, mostly) a... Read More »

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Are you still a 'vegetarian' if you eat fish and other seafood but no meat at all?

This question is asked every day, and you will notice you've received various responses, from "Vegetarians do not eat fish" to "My best friend's uncle is a vegetarian and he eats fish" to (my favor... Read More »

Do you consider fish meat?

Why Fish is Meat:Well, if fish isn't meat, then exactly what is it? Is it a PLANT? Because it doesn't seem to be a plant to me. And it isn't a kind of fungus, or mushroom, or lichen, or bacteria, o... Read More »

Is the catholic church responsible for the confusion whereas some people don't view fish as meat?

I have a Catholic friend and he says the "no meat on Friday" thing is only during Lent now. I know Catholics used to not eat "meat" (except fish) on Friday back in the 60s. I'm not sure when that c... Read More »

What exactly are the symptoms of pregnancy because you don't feel like yourself and you need clarification?

AnswerI have had five pregnancies and have four healthy children. I have two girls and two boys. My first pregnancy was at age sixteen. I was pregnant with twins and lost one at four and a half mon... Read More »