Need answer ASAP!!how do you bring down a fever of 102?

Answer You have symptoms of the flu. A fever of 102 is a mild fever and its not an emergency and requires no doctor appointment. The best treatment is extra fluids, best rest, and taking either ibuprof... Read More »

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What are some ways to bring a fever down fast?

Alternate Tylenol and Motrin. Take some Tylenol then 2 hours later take Motrin and so on. Just make sure that each dose of Tylenol is 4 hours apart as well as each dose of Motrin. Also take a lukew... Read More »

Is a fever a defense mechanism for the human body. What will happen if a fever is allowed to run it's course?

According to Homeopathy, a fever IS the body's defense against bacteria or viruses. Some bacteria and viruses can not survive in very warm temperatures so this is the body's way of "cooking" it to... Read More »

My daughter has a rash on her face, fever and a cough. Fever has been off and on for three days. What is this?

Fever: is103.7 bad, my bf has a bad fever and sore throat. What should i do?