Need an american horror story tumblr url?

Answer!!! I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!!or murderhouse.tumblr.comWhen you pick one then message me because I want to follow it!! :)

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How to Be Like Violet Harmon from American Horror Story?

While Violet has some less than admirable traits, she is certainly a free spirit and someone you could emulate. Here is a guide on how dress like 16-year-old Violet Harmon.

How to Write a Horror Story?

Horror stories can be as fun to write as they are to read. Here is a walk through to help you plan, and execute writing a horror story.

How to Write a Comedic Horror Story?

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Is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a horror story?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is more a mysterious or suspenseful or a thriller piece than a horror story. It's not a horror story because it's not gory, no blood and guts.