Need a small make over?

Answer For the dark circles under your eyes, the natural way to handle it would be to get more sleep and apply used tea bags and cucumbers to your eyes. In reference to make up, you can use concealer. Mak... Read More »

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My mom is coming over later today and i need to make something for dinner what should i make Please Help!!!?

Depends what type of food she likes (and you)!.I made an onion pie last week which was really good - you basically caramelise 4 red onions in a pan for about half an hour, then put into a pie dish,... Read More »

I'm a tea drinker, have been all my life, but I need to make a decent cup of coffee for guests over Xmas...?

I would not recommend instant coffee. I'm a regular coffee drinker, and instant coffee tastes like death to me. Since you've gone to the trouble of hauling out the old machine, you might as well ma... Read More »

Im having a friend over for dinner, usually i know what to make.. but now im nervous and need ideas..?

Pork chops and spaghetti with marinara sauce would be a great dinner

Help! i need to make a quick, yummy snack for some friends coming over tonight...any good recipes?

I always make this it's marshmallow fluff and cream cheese. mix two big things of marshmallow fluff and one regular size cream chz and then you dip it with strawberriesOnly takes a minute and taste... Read More »