Need a small make over?

Answer For the dark circles under your eyes, the natural way to handle it would be to get more sleep and apply used tea bags and cucumbers to your eyes. In reference to make up, you can use concealer. Mak... Read More »

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How can I make a small home look and feel larger on a small budget?

If you have a garage or storage area, build shelves and store items that are not used everyday out of vision. Likewise, I suggest that you remove closet poles and put shelves in the all closets. ... Read More »

How to Think Small and Actually Make Big Changes?

This is extrapolated from the book: Send Lite to Every Fear: the Everyday Hero's Litany and is a follow up to the existing wikiHow: "Transform Negativity with Spiritual Light." This builds on that ... Read More »

How to Make a Small Map?

Small maps are great for invitations, to show directions to main attractions or to let people know where you live if you have moved. They can be as boring as a graph paper or as fun as a cartoon. H... Read More »

How to Make a Fun Toy for Your Small Dog?

Your dog, at some time or another, has probably been so bored that it will destroy anything that it can get its paws on. You can either let it destroy your little brother's toys, or make it a toy t... Read More »