Need a really good fish soup recipe?

Answer I've never had fish soup that I can remember but I make a tilapia/diced tomato dish that would probably taste good that way. I use a lot of onions with it. and serve it over rice. It is so good ... Read More »

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Does anybody have a REALLY good chicken soup recipe?

I very seldom use measurements, so I'll tell you how I make mine. I suppose you could use a couple of cans of chicken stock, but I prefer to make mine totally from scratch by boiling the carcass o... Read More »

What's a good noodle soup recipe?

You can buy vegan instant noodle soup or just vegan seasoning in most Asian supermarkets. The best is mushroom seasoning, you can add tofu, veggies etc. Japanese miso soup or shoyu made from kumbo ... Read More »

I would like a really good tried and true recipe for hot sour soup?

here is a really GREAT recipe that i really like. it is actual authentic chinese hot and sour soup, with ingrediants like lily buds and wood-ear fungus. Be sure to note that in Chinese hot and so... Read More »

What is a good recipe for fried fish?

>Hi Jim!What I do is I get a large, 1 gal ziplock bag.2 - 3 cups of stone ground corn meal2 - 3 cups of fine white flour1 - 2 tablespoons of salt2 tablespoons black 18 mesh cracked pepper1 tsp of g... Read More »