Need a new video card...?

Answer I would suggest an ATI HD3850 or 3870, they have a decent speed, don't consume too much power and are cheap now. They also suit for your CPU.Those are cards for the PCI-Express x16 slot. If you hav... Read More »

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I got this thing called toontown and i need a video card 4 my coumputer and i need help 4 it?

Hiya Windblows,Toontown documentation says you need: A video card with 3-D acceleration and at least 8MB of Video RAM.This is easy to do, and for cheap. You can get one that is good enough for abo... Read More »

I need a new video card for my computer?

Get a hold of your motherboard manual to see what options you have for upgrading your video card. Then use amazon to get the best prices and the best reviews for a product.Download SIW Free from do... Read More »

I need a video card driver. 10 Points?

You can download the driver here: you can go to NVidia's website and download drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS. Keep in mind though, that it may NOT be compat... Read More »

How much power does my video card need?

Modern video cards consume approximately 125 to 300 watts. As a result, most computers will need a 500-750 watt power supply unit, depending on other system components and peripherals.Source:How M... Read More »