Need a new tumblr url help me please?

Answer I actually know someone named Joanna, lol.Anyway, your url can be pretty much anything you want.Mine's gone from inneedofagoodname, sircrackerface, and now its takingarrowsinthekneelikeaboss. And t... Read More »

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I need a new tumblr url, please help?

Something different and fresh that you won't regret in the futur :)Maroonliars.tumblrcombine stuff thats your favourite :)

I need a different tumblr url please help?

i can't think of anything but i like the url you have now. :)

I need help with tumblr please quick!?

you can do a couple of things:1. refresh the page2. log out and log back in3. close all internet windows and open them again4. restart your computer5. do a virus sweep of your computer (like Norton... Read More »

Someone please help me i need to make my tumblr theme and size look just like hers?

This site should help: