Need a new Phone where do I start finding out which is the best?

Answer Sony Ericsson is doing great in the markets & is easy to use..paste…on ur address bar Or if u wish 2 buy Nokiapaste

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Can you get phone service by finding a phone?

Of course not. Once a phone is reported lost, its ESN gets blacklisted & it cannot be activated.

Finding phone number?

The Website Http:// which is operated by AT&T is fairly useful for this type of search. If the prospective Phone number is a published number it should be here. On the front page you ... Read More »

When you drive you get distracted putting on makeup answering the phone..finding your favourite cd not me?

I only get distracted when I don't use roach clips and drop it in my lap..............

Don't you think it's time for cell phone companies to start standardizing phone chargers?

Actually... It's going to happen by 2012. They announced it on the news a few days ago. Seventeen manufacturers and carriers will be involved, including all the popular brands.Link- The Wall Street... Read More »