Need a good medium volume scanner for legal documents?

Answer Check out a plustek PS286+. They are under $400.

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How long does one need to keep legal documents?

The length of time you need to keep a legal document is determined by its type. Records that you should maintain permanently include: house/condominium records, annual summaries of retirement and s... Read More »

I need to scan and email documents, sometimes up to 150 pages. What scanner is the best for this since I will?

Scanning at 200dpi is definitely a good idea as already listed. You should look for a scanner that can scan both sides of the page at one time & has a fast throughput. I know Fujitsu has dual side ... Read More »

I need a scanner/printer that auto feeds itself for scanning lots of documents. (As CHEAP as possible too)?

Hi, do you care about the quality of the scans? There are so many scanners out there today to choose from. Check out this website for more info on what to select. I would suggest a Canon or an Epso... Read More »

What's a good skinny scanner I can buy to scan documents and what's the real name?

You mean a "portable sheetfed" scanner. Visioneer, NeatReceipts, and IRIS make some good ones. Under $100. I think you can even buy one in Brookstone. THAT one is tiny. I carry one in my bag. Very ... Read More »