Need a director to film 70's themed movie...?

Answer Do I have a part? Unless I'm the hairy Mexican? ...

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How to Be a Film Director?

This article will teach you the Directorial aspects of film.

How to Become an Art Director in Film?

On a film set, an art director is responsible for all of the artistic and visual designs used for a production including all aspects of set design, from the color of a rug on the floor to the look ... Read More »

Can you make a themed movie weekend for a future movie buff?

Theme: Mysterious Thriller 1. Se7en (watch first)2. The Prestige3. Following4. The Game5. Insomnia6. Memento (watch last)Nolan and Fincher are great at making them so that's why I mainly used them.... Read More »

What is your favorite Film Director Cameo?

He didn't direct it, but had one of the coolest lines:Steven Spielberg in Goldmember.. when he asked Austin Powers what he think of the shooting so far and Austin Powers says he has some suggestion... Read More »