Need a answers quick please........?

Answer OK... is there a storm brewing??? Hull... that in Iowa??We have chance of storms tonight!!carla

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I accidentally swallowed the wax for my braces! HELP!!! I NEED ANSWERS QUICK!!?

Don't worry! You'll be fine! It's made for putting in your mouth. If it was harmful at all they wouldn't let you do that right?? No worries!

Please please pleas answer! I need as many answers as possible!!!!!?

Start picking out what and what not to take to the new house. Start doing some summer cleaning .

Ear help please need quick?

You probably have an ear infection. I'd go to the doctor.

Wet phone! please need answers?

i have had many wet phones.. take battery out now look at the sticker that is either square or circle. It should be white if it is dry. It will turn pink if wet. remove the battery immediately. Cu... Read More »