Need Some advice here!!!!!?

Answer google both filereader and filewriter classes of javascript and look for examples for activex object creation look on google as well dont be lazy

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I come here in peace! Just need some advice?

Jennifer's suggestions were good. Here are a few more links and books. ooks:The Primal Wound by Nancy VerrierLost and Found: the Adoption Experience ANDJourney... Read More »

Can i get some advice here?

DO NOT PUT VINEGAR ON IT. Vinegar is an acid, that will do more bad than good.If cold water on the burn hurts, although running water is better, ice in a cloth over the burn to cool it, but since i... Read More »

I really need advice here?

How dry is the air in your home ? A humidifier can help a lot with respiratory infections, particularly sinus/inner ear. If their noses run and the mucus is clear, that is viral or allergies. If i... Read More »

I think i messed up big time....need a little advice here!?

tell her you will do chores around the house to pay for the damage you have done to the sofa. also apologize to her and ask her to let you visit your friend.