Need Instructions on How to Use Instant Messenger?

Answer If you have ever watched another person using an instant messaging program, he might have unconsciously convinced you that it is looks easy to use. However, this ease of use actually belies the ini... Read More »

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How do i log on to instant messenger?

Launch the PlatformThe majority of instant messaging programs use a program you download to your computer. Open the program, which can usually be found under the "Start" menu. If your instant messa... Read More »

How to Set Up Instant Messenger?

There are several different types of instant messenger application available on the Internet, the big three being Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. All three are a... Read More »

How to Get Some AOL Instant Messenger Friends?

Have you ever wanted to have a lot of friends/buddies on your AIM? Here is how. You'll be very happy after and will never be lonely. Who knows, you might meet your future wife on your AIM!

Does Nintendo DS have instant messenger?

The Nintendo DS uses a feature called PictoChat as a messaging service. This feature comes installed on all Nintendo DS systems. It is not, however, an online instant messenger. It works by the use... Read More »