Need Help With Prosumer Camcorder Settings. Quick!?

Answer Good question. In my opinion, if the wedding is indoors, you will not need the neural density filter anyway. If you do have to use it, don't worry, it is very good on the GL2Regarding your question... Read More »

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Whats a good prosumer camcorder?

I really like Daniel K's suggestion; the Panasonic DVC20 is an excellent camera for a beginning profossional, and is at a great value, but it's not the most professional camera. It is a 3-chip came... Read More »

What is the cheapest but high quality prosumer camcorder?

The least expensive cameras that would qualify would also have a mic-in jack, full manual control of the major functions (audio level, zoom, exposure, focus) and use miniDV tapes:Canon HV20, HV30So... Read More »

HV40 sequence settings on adobe premiere pro QUICK HELP PLEASE?

I am not clear on what you are doing here, is this the new project /new sequence settings, or import settings, or what you want the final output to be.Always import and work with compressed video i... Read More »

Can someone help me with information on prosumer camcorders?

To begin with, a prosumer camcorder will not be a "cinema-like production quality camera".A "cinema-like production quality camera" would be in the Panavision, CineAlta or Arriflex environment or m... Read More »