Need Help Installing My Maxtor hard drive into my computer?

Answer Yes you may be a dork. Or it may just be the case that the particular Dell machine you have isn't capable of running this hardware. Sure they work if they're new and its easy to see it working on a... Read More »

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I have a western digital ide hard drive and i am trying to put a maxtor ata hard drive with but it not working?

Check the cable connections. Make sure that they are properly fitted and in the right position. If ide/ata/mobo connection is not the problem, then try to check you bios set-up. If it still is not ... Read More »

My computer is has a 325gb hard drive is it worth installing more gb?

I would buy an External HD for around £100.I wouldn't bother with an Internal as you have to know what you are doing,and things can go wrong if you don't know much.Externals are cheaper and easier... Read More »

How to Set the Jumper on a Maxtor Hard Drive?

If you are installing a second hard drive into your desktop computer, you need to know how to change the jumper settings on the back of the hard drive. Most hard drives have three jumper settings:... Read More »

How to Open a Maxtor Hard Drive?

Maxtor has manufactured hard disks since 1983. After its acquisition by Seagate in 2006, Maxtor now operates under the Seagate brand name. Maxtor hard disks come in various sizes with different sto... Read More »