Need Help... I Know It May Sound Disgusting But..?

Answer You might want to try taking a laxative to help you, and then after that, make sure you eat foods with plenty of fiber.An optimal diet would typically include:BreakfastBran cereal(All-Bran 13 gm;Fi... Read More »

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OKay, this may seem a little gross and disgusting, but i need your help!! My...?

Ur nt eating enough veggies etc- start eating those and ur poo will bind up and won't give u any more worries. Btw it happens to most people in their life time so don't be embarrassed! ^^

Need help with surround sound and tv sound?

If the TV has an HDMI, then connect ur TV with HDMI to PC. Then connect ur speakers normally to a 3.5 mm jack of PC. Both will sound, but u wont get a good sound effect, it may irritate u as the so... Read More »

I am 13 years old and i smoke. I know i need to quit! is nasty. but i dot know how to stop.i need help!?

You stop by getting MORE parental supervision!!!

Need help with installing surround sound PLEASE HELP?

I think, as the previous poster said, all you need to do is run an optical cable directly from your cable box into the receiver of your sound system, bypass the tv. You should not plug the sound s... Read More »