Need Help Choosing Digital Camera?

Answer Stick with your camera for the time-being and get a 'good book on photography'. Once you are prepared to move forward, buy a DSLR.

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Which one would you recommend in choosing a digital camera?

Even though I personally own this ultra compact camera, I would still like to highly recommend the purchase of a Nikon Coolpix L10 [which has no shutter lag] for the following reasons:1. Besides ta... Read More »

Help choosing digital camera. any suggestions?

As you know, there are many different cameras on the market and the choice can be bewildering. Most people have actual hands-on experience of maybe 3 or 4 cameras at most so can only make a reasone... Read More »

Important Features When Choosing a Digital Camera?

Whether you want a $300 point-and-shoot compact or a high-end $2,000 dSLR digital camera, there are a few things you should know before you make your purchase. Most digital cameras have similar fea... Read More »

I bought a Canon EOS SLR camera over 20 yrs ago and you would like to update it to a digital one any recommendations as to what digital camera one can purchase that is comprable or better?

Obviously depends on quality of the pictures, but you should get about 300-500.