Need HELP with Excel?

Answer (Assuming that when you mention a checkmark, you are using a font such as Webdings to enter a representation of a checkmark. If so, in Webdings font, the smallcase "a" produces a checkmark. In th... Read More »

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Need help with an excel formula?

If it is only one cell that is not working, just copy that formula and paste it into your question's description, along with any supporting cells data values. Then you will probably get more valid... Read More »

I need help with conditional formatting in Excel....?

Since you state the "entire workbook", the first thing you need to do is select all of your worksheets. Do this by clicking the very first one, and then while holding down the SHIFT key, click the... Read More »

Need help with coding (excel + access 2007)?

I would offer that it would be easier to simply create a new worksheet, such as "Extract", and copy the required information to that sheet. Then, pull that sheet into Access.The following event ha... Read More »

Novice Microsoft Excel User!! I need help with a specific formula!!?

It is a matter of multiplying the Amount you want 40% of times the value of .4 and then using the Percent Style icon on the Formatting toolbar to have it display as a percentage.Now the real questi... Read More »