Need Girls Help! Rate Me Need Lot's Of Opinions, Scale 1-10?

Answer 7/10 thats cause you look like a kid tho i think you'll be hot when your older

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I need help :( I keep torturing myself and I really need your opinions :(?

Okay! What's the problem? If you know you're not pregnant and you checked, twice.. You go enough proof! Its normal to get heavy red periods with stomach cramps every once in a while! Its probably l... Read More »

Need lots of opinions!!! Samsung S3 or iphone due to upgrade..currently on blackberry torch and hate it!?

I have a galaxy S3 and can say by far is the best phone on the market. Apart from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But this isn't directly classed as a phone yet in between a tablet and a phone. And its ... Read More »

I need help, i'm not a champagne drinker so i need opinions on a decent Champagne that doesn't cost much?

Go for a sparkling wine rather than Champagne. Champagnes are very expensive whether they are vintage or non-vintage. You could try American sparkling wines such as Domaine Chandon from the Napa ... Read More »

I need opinions from girls do i look datable?

To be very honest you are datable..You have a good personality..